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Running a hotel unit, irrespective of whether it is a single property or chain of properties is a task in itself. There is so much that one needs to take care of right from lodging and boarding facilities, housekeeping, kitchen management and above all customer service.

It is only when you do justice to these parameters can you witness improved sales figures and profits. One of the best ways of whole-heartedly attending to your core activities while not having to bother about your finances and accounting needs, is by having a reliable hotel accounting software in place. This is where our hotel accounting solution pops up in the picture.

We at Nimble are more than happy to offer you our customized hospitality accounting software, which is sure to do wonders in improving your hotel’s visibility and bottom lines.

Why Choose Us?

As a holistic hotel bookkeeping software, our accounting package is definite to aid you in more than just one area. Let us get to know more on these lines.

  • Your Property’s Financial Data is just one click away:

Once you decide to turn to our hotel accounting package, you can rest assured about the financial working of all your hotel properties both internally and externally thanks to our intuitive dashboard. Our software allows you to centralize your finances with respect to all the properties you own. Moreover, you get to access financial data at any point of time and from anywhere.

With our software, you get the opportunity of streamlining your hotel business reports to an extent wherein you can access combined reports pertaining to your hotel properties as also get to know the various inter hotel transactions. The many reports that our accounting software makes available are intercompany reports, transfers, and profit and loss statements among others.

  • Experience an AI-backed accounting software:

With Nimble’s hospitality accounting software, hotel businesses get the opportunity of enjoying the benefits of artificial intelligence to ensure smooth and hurdle-free functioning. We believe in engaging in time-saving and outcome-oriented actions, which is why all our software expects from you is to upload paper invoices, which then goes through OCR Scanning and AI support to be ultimately read, converted and mapped into bill-entry fields such as credit cards, bill payments and checks.

Yet another highlight feature of our software is that it makes available alerts with regards to the pending payments and overdue sums on the intuitive dashboard.

  • Vendor Tracking:

For running your hotel business, you need to get in touch with various vendors, whose payments can now be seamlessly tracked with our 1099 payment system. This feature possessed by our hotel accounting software gives you ready access to data pertaining to vendor payments in a matter of few clicks, sitting anywhere and at any time.

V2V listings further aid the process of vendor payment management. Additionally, the readily available vendor reports offer information about the various vendors that you have been transacting with, thus making vendor consolidation an absolute cakewalk.

  • Easy & Automated Bank Reconciliation:

To a great extent, your hotel’s financial performance depends upon how well you are aware as also manage the existing financial resources, most of which are held in your hotel’s bank accounts. Nimble’s hospitality accounting software helps you to combine bank account details held with different financial institutions that pertain to your various hotel properties.

The idea is to help you to download as also reconcile the transactions feed automatically. Moreover, you can view real time bank balances of your many properties straight from the dashboard widget and that to with a single login. This in turn helps you to keep an eye on unusual transactions and avert financial frauds and losses.

  • Benefit out of a KPI Dashboard:

By turning to our hotel accounting package, you are sure to enjoy the advantages offered by our KPI Dashboard, wherein you will have ready access to your occupancy rates as also the total revenue generation on a particular date or during a certain period.

Likewise, you will get to know the income that you are generating from individual rooms each day. Apart from this, our software gives you access to the instant revenue status overview, STR, GSS, Budget Comparison, Labor Cost, and profitability among others.


All this while, if you have been looking out for an accounting software that can help you to keep a track of your hotel’s financial data, provide accurate information regarding your financial resources and above all be available for your assistance in real time, then there is no looking beyond Nimble’s hotel accounting solution.

Hence, we can confidently conclude that what your hotel business must be missing now is our accounting package, which when used will help you to outdo your rivals while carving a niche for yourself in the industry.

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