Biden Coronavirus Plan

America’s new President ‘Joe Biden’ orders new rules on hotel operations and worker safety

In the light of combatting the coronavirus pandemic, President Joe Biden has issued a response plan last week. Hotels could receive more clarity soon on new rules and information, which illustrates how to operate adhering to safety standards.

The plan highlights from a hotelier’s perspective include Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds, guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health administration (OSHA), protecting workers during the pandemic through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the means required for hotels to operate their guests’ stay, dining and all the experience.

According to the plan, the U.S. government will work immediately to prioritize business funds under the COVID relief packages to hotels, which are adversely hit by the pandemic. Ensures compliance with public health restrictions, and needy businesses receive the funds to operate safely.

In terms of how hotels can safely open, the plan summary revolves around, stating that social distancing is not actually a light switch, but in fact it’s a dial. President Joe Biden will direct the CDC to provide evidence-based specific guidance for turning the dial up and down relative to the risk level and viral spread degree in a community. Furthermore, it includes when to open or close certain hotel businesses, restaurants, and other hospitality spaces, also involves when to open or close travel medium, and what steps are needed to make facilities safe; appropriate restrictions on the size of gatherings; when to issue lockdown.

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