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Prepare Your Hotel For The ‘RELAUNCH’

In this crisis, we certainly consider sharing mutual aid and solidarity information, best practices and good ideas, which animates the positive impact on hotel industry.

Carrying the same intention, we share the best course of action to draw inspiration in you to relaunch your hotel and accomplish more.

T.E.A.M., “Together Everyone Achieves More” is the acronym to be reminded by everyone in response to this crisis.

Focus on DOMESTIC & HYPER-LOCAL market

After a several weeks of gaps between business trips and isolation, the desire that families and friends are having stronger so for this, you can create reunion or family, meet and greet packages.

Also think of developing corporate retreat packages for companies who have resumed or about to resume their activities in the coming weeks.

Anchor your POSITIONING by stimulating STAYCATIONS

Never underestimate the impact staycations have. Make overnight stays more accessible to your guest, by reducing prices and adding value with special local packages.

People always seek to have an out-of-home experience, as they desire to run away from the ordinary and boring routine, but only with respecting health standards.

So, put it on to your promotional effort list and grab some from the same city, keeping them close their homes but actually faraway from daily hustle bustle lifestyle.

Members from your local community can be your best ambassadors so don’t miss an eye on creating a sense of belonging impact on them.

Move from STORY TELLING to STORY CARING for reassurance

The goal of a hotelier must not only has to ensure guest satisfaction but also aim for loyalty. So, move from storytelling to caring by showing the safety health measures.

Take the temperature checks of every customer at the hotel entrance using the means of thermometer and also install hand cleaning & sanitization.

Communicate to your guests a story that actually inspires them confidence during their stay at your place. So, they will feel safe wrapped in a cocoon, as at home.

Bring in the strategy of Four Seasons Hotel, it’s the most famous “Home away from home”

It’s in your DNA. Do your BEST

Like a suggestive thought in recent post, the world has changed but not hoteliers’ hearts. In fact that is true! Because you promise and deliver only memorable experiences to your guests. So you are the bearers of their emotions, memories and desires. Be the reason again for being their happiness.

It’s in your DNA, know yourself well and sell your services to the world and create a strong brand image by working as a team.

Identify your competitive offerings and advantages, be it unique geographic location or breath-taking river view, also your promotional packages or new renovations, skilled team – This will make your hotel attractive and authentic to your potential customers.

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