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Data Breach Affects Your Hotel Business. Stay Safe!

In the United States, the threat of Cyber Security breach has already encroached almost in every industry. And if we observe particularly in the Hospitality industry, many hoteliers rely on the 3rd party accounting and bookkeeping service providers to manage their guest data and finances, which is sensitive.

If your accounting software or service provider is staying loose on your data, that becomes a goldmine for the hackers in the Cyber World.

In fact, in the recent years many hotel brands have been experienced massive hits due to data breaches.

Keep Your Data in Safe Hands

Before you opt for a Hotel Accounting Software or a Bookkeeping Provider, do investigate if they can thoroughly protect your assets and guests’ data, if not you’ll be left vulnerable to phishing scams and data loss.

Even, there were cases that, an employee from an accounting provider cause the data breach through unauthorized access. So, it’s not just confined to an external cyber attacker, but it can happen from any side. It’s unpredictable but you can overcome this panic situation.

Look For End-To-End Security

Above and beyond the brand, look for a reliable resource. Nimble Property one of its best kind of Hotel Accounting Software and Bookkeeping Service provider in the market, which is trusted by big hotel brands and renowned for its fastest deployment, easy configuration, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

From Google Cloud Nimble is now shifted & partnered with AWS Cloud to deliver security excellence to hoteliers, helping them to accelerate innovation, arrest the data breaches and phishing issues.

Run Your Hotel in Secured Environment

Shaking hands with Accounting Solutions, who are partnered with AWS like hosting service meets your security requirements in handling your finances, while enabling seamless uninterrupted access and confidentiality.

Final Thoughts

Switch to Nimble Property and handle your accounting with ease, while gaining control and confidence on the data security. We respect your privacy and security sphere. Therefore the data collection of your guests and finances are all safe with us. Moreover, as we are now partnered with AWS Cloud, we are witnessing transformation in our deliverables powered by operational excellence, accelerated innovation and strategic execution of our accounting services.

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