5 Incredibly Effortless Ways To Ensure Full Occupancy at Hotels

At some point or the other, a question haunts every hotelier that ‘How to increase Hotel occupancy?’ and it’s undeniably the most persistent challenge being faced. Proven to be effective on the longer run, we’ve listed out 5 smart & easy-to-implement strategies that can help in increasing hotel room occupancy. However, besides these strategies the most definite way to boost hotel’s occupancy is by putting legs in the shoes of guests and clearly understand their requirements. Lets now dive deep into the incredibly effortless ways to ensure full occupancy at Hotels,

1) Target the precise market to make a DIFFERENCE

Always target and approach the right one. Gathering the data of guest records, understanding the market, knowing the type of traveler you appeal to and finding out from which part of the world are most of your guests from; this is the data you need to delve into and chalk out the FOCUS map. It’ll make a difference!

2) Customize promotions & packages to APPEAL audience

Once you chalk out the target market, start designing promotions and packages which appeal to your specific audience. Customize accordingly, as different guests expect different experience, so know every nuance about the targeted group including age, profession, cultural background, ethnicity and income, etc. Make an offer they cannot refuse!

3) Partnering with Corporates is yet another SOLID Strategy

To increase the hotel occupancy, signing up with Corporates and leading businesses becomes important. When you rope in with multiple sources of reservations, the chances to increase hotel room occupancy hits high, as you diversify and grow.

4) Respond to your guest feedback to EXCEED expectations

Be active to solicit and respond instantly to your guests’ feedback. This shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile in delivering superior customer satisfaction. Run guest satisfaction surveys by sending out automated emails to your guests, gather the information about their stay and strive to exceed their expectations.

5) Unleash the POWER of Social Media to increase engagement

Never underestimate the power of social media when it comes to accelerating hotel room occupancy. Engaging online with audiences and prospects leads a long way in building trust and loyalty. Be active on review forums, respond to the queries and communicate in way that you care and take business seriously. Be consistent!

And lastly, power up your hospitality performance by staying accountable and it is possible through an accounting solution tailored for hotels. When you reduce your overheads by standardizing hotel operations and automating the accounting procedure, there would be a creative space acquired in which you can invest in implementing all the aforementioned strategies.

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