Organize Your Finances & Get Your Business Ready For Tax Season

United States marks Tax Day for hotel businesses as the deadline to file income tax to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Usually, the date is on or around April 15th. However, it may be altered and extended in the light of novel coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, holiday season or extreme weather conditions.

It may sound that there’s a lot of time ahead, but it’s always good to be prepared beforehand rather than standing on the ‘edge of a cliff’ position.

In the hotel industry, streamlining finances and regularly assessing accounting performance is critical to stay abreast of taxation season and live competitive as a strong hospitality brand.

Nimble hotel accounting software and bookkeeping services help you automate your accounting, close your books, organize all aspects of your hotel’s financial information, starting from bank reconciliation to cash flow management and financial reporting on your portfolio’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

We hold an extensive years of experience in helping hotels and hospitality companies improve their bottom line, by leveraging accurate accounting, organized bookkeeping, and strategic tax planning. When you need a reliable and trustworthy partner that can provide flawless accounting and bookkeeping services for hotels, Nimble Property is what you’ll need you can rely on.

Improve tax planning starts with better bookkeeping and streamlined accounting throughout the year. Oftentimes, owners in the hotel industry can miss out on tax deductions, for which we are here to help you in uncovering tax savings opportunities, identifying possible overpayments and claim the possible refunds.

At a minimum, hoteliers need expensive accountants, CPAs to help them close their books annually because of filing an income tax return every year.

But with Nimble, they can have their financial statements prepared effortlessly, while keeping tabs on hotel business and operations. Financial statements here can be crafted as per requirement for every quarter, or even on month-on-month basis.

Get your records ready and save yourself surplus cash rather than relying on expensive outsourced individual accountants with less experience. Prefer a scalable solution so you’ll no need to carry a shoe box full of financial receipts and records in your office.

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