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MESSAGING ‘It matters NOW more than EVER’

More and more cities and states in the U.S. have already begun their staged re-openings, by which the “messaging” panic is soon going to take place.

Before it becomes onslaught for you to grab the attention of guests and your competition becomes vying – Start messaging!

Because, within no time the noise may become intense and plunge into deafening, and sadly you’ll see your message go lost into the clutter.

As every hotelier gets ready to ramp it up again, you got to trace a sure-fire way to avoid getting lost in the crowd.

However, don’t go behind a magic wand, but only start messaging campaign with strategic approach.

Here are the key steps for you as a hotelier, which must be considered as you begin to start communicating with your consumers again while entering into the next phase.

Head Up With ‘POINT-BLANK’ Message Marketing

Weak beginnings will not only kill sales, but also kills impact. So, start communicating you key-points to your consumers as quick as possible.

Your benefits, complementaries and incentives will always increase sales, if they are relevant and appealing.

Come up with a strong lead in your message copy, as it compels people to read entire message thoroughly, and hopefully act on it.

In this contemporary lifestyle, subtle or routine approach will not work and people have not to wade through it, so let your reader immediately know “what you’ve got for them”

Pick Out Your WORDINGS and IMAGES Carefully

Be it your advertising is traditional or non-traditional form, your readers’ eyes always tend to scan for particular keywords or catchy images they’re either searching for or particularly relevant to ‘em.

Understandably, your headings, pictures, captions, and videos tend to attract most of your consumers attention. Thus, make sure your headlines are concise, and your key message is straight to the point, highlight the benefits and incentives. Make the core message prominently featured and land well on reader’s eye.

Make An OFFER They Can’t REFUSE

To close the deal, your messaging and offering should provide every single reason that’s strong enough so your prospect responds positively.

As well, the message copy should overcome if any reasonable objections they might have already. Then only, ask for the business.

Give very good reasons for them to believe what you’re truly saying. A renowned advertiser once said, “Why should even anyone blindly go with the word of an anonymous writer?”

Which is why, if rooms allows you should consider including your hotel’s testimonials and recognitions.

End on a STRONG note

Every element in your advertisement, be it social post, email, landing page or video, it needs to be good – or great – That’s the only way to get results.

So both the opening (which we covered earlier) and the closing statements should be persuasive and powerful, to compel your prospects to act. When you get them so far. Make sure you get the business out of it.

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