Tips for Hotel Managers to sustain the impact of ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’

The impact of COVID-19 Pandemic has a hard hit on the travel and hospitality industry and the effect may last longer.

Global travelers are experiencing disruptions in their plans of flying between countries and hotel bookings get cancelled due to this outbreak. It’s encouraged that all travelers to stay safe, by following the guidelines from CDC website and take preventive measures, precautions

With every-minute continuous resonant updates, the situation is becoming even more intense, making the hoteliers and managers unsure about the steps to be taken to mitigate the risk.

To prepare well for this potential COVID-19 virus spread, here are few precautions to be taken by hotel managers and the staff to improve health & safety amongst employees and guests.

It an undeniable thing and becomes crucial to follow these, as COVID-19 Pandemic can be spread very easily than the seasonal influenza caused virus.

  • Switch to disinfectant products and start using them, which are pre-approved by EPA – Environmental Protection Agency to gain control over emerging viral pathogens. Apply the disinfectants during the routine of cleaning guestrooms, meeting halls, health club areas and public spaces. Checkout the disinfectants list, that have the pre-approval of EPA.
  • Being obsessive about hygiene! Frequently, clean the front desk and public spaces and provide disinfectant wipes to your staff. Monitor the most common and high touch areas in the lobby area, elevator buttons, water fountains, ice & vending machines, key cards, room keys – Make sure everything is clean and tidy.
  • Linens usually prone to get contaminated with virus, so train your staff to look into the bed spreads, scarfs and get laundry done. Gloves are to be wore while cleaning. Schedule and perform a cleaning routine in all the possible infected areas like contact surfaces, TV remote controls, handles of toilet flush, doorknobs, POS systems, flooring and water faucet handles.
  • Post signage in your hotel premises to remind the workers and guests to was hands with warm water & soap frequently, for 20-Secs at least each time. Make sure 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizers are placed in guest contact areas and staff workplace. Practice social distancing and advise everyone not to touch their face, poke fingers into eyes.
  • Educate the staff on the Corona virus signs and symptoms, including dry cough, breath shortness. Keep them updates and stay informed on the credible information of the COVID-19 virus by following CDC site.
  • Maintain computer-generated hotel accounting records, rather than relying on physical books. Review your financial information, operational data – Everything possibly online ‘Cloud’. It’s ideal to switch to Hotel Accounting Software and gain a seamless access to entire hotel chain happenings.
  • Consult health departments if the symptoms of COVID-19 persist in a guest or staff and arrange for isolation and quarantine. For information on the risk assessment and health management guidance of Corona virus Disease (COVID) – 19 confirmed cases, please check out the link.
  • Consider the insurance of business interruption and get qualified for the coverage of unexpected economic losses. Also speak to your F & B suppliers to safeguard the supplies until this ripple effect lessens

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