Features tailored for Hospitality management


Nimble has been in the forefront of accounting innovation since its inception, acquired various milestones by delivering premium services that are renowned to be, Customizable – Profitable – Automated. Proven to be the best, this leading conglomerate extends its vertical as ‘Nimble Property’ to serve the Hospitality Management Companies. It continues to excel as an owner-friendly accounting platform to increase the efficiency of hotels, reduce overheads of hoteliers and organize their operations.

Unlike other accounting platforms, ‘Nimble Property’ stands to be unique and breaks through those hospitality management blockades with its remarkable features and impeccable functionality.


Nimble Property’s operations module encompasses all the vital features that can be made the best use of, to manage your back office operations. Rely on us to oversee your hospitality operations streamlined and accountable. With our commitment to excellence, we’ll help you in keeping your hotel running smoothly and you can work more extensively for guests’ satisfaction. Starting from daily hospitality & activity reports, you get GSS info, OCR access, STR import, Budget & Forecast Comparison, Standardized Reports and KPIs across all your hotel chains.

You’ll get an ample space to motivate your employees, monitor overall performance, foster continuous improvement and ensure business growth.

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